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Separating transformative tech from marketing hype


Jeff Englander

Founder & Principal of Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

The Shift to transformative value-based care and how to gain patient trust

Kenny Cole

System VP, Clinical Improvement, Ochsner Health System

we get his perspective on how health systems can work to improve outcomes and gain patient trust by enabling higher levels of patient engagement, balancing the human and digital connection, and optimizing transformative vs. incremental initiatives in value-based care.


Reaching underserved populations through virtual care

Steve North, MD, MPH, FAAFP

V.P. of Medical Operations & NC Medical Director, Eleanor 

We’ll chat about his success in using cutting edge technology and practice change strategies to improve access to healthcare in rural America, as well as how to overcome barriers to make digital health solutions even more successful.

Former Secretary of Veteran Affairs on treatment and cost containment for chronic conditions

David Shulkin

President Shulkin Solutions, LLC;

Former US Secretary of Veteran Affairs

We’ll also discuss healthcare cost containment, the role of virtual care, and the complexities behind the VA’s recent EHR modernization.


Aligning Wellness, mental health benefits & corporate values

Shawna Oliver, DBA

AVP, Head of Global Benefits & Wellness, Manulife

We talk to Shawna about pent up healthcare spending from COVID deferral, the cost of new obesity drugs, and World Mental Health Day.

John Halamka

How Mayo Clinic is using AI today

John Halamka

President, Mayo Clinic Platform

In this interview, you will hear about Halamka’s AI program and the critical components behind it. This episode of Diagnosing Healthtech is our deepest dive into the practical use of AI yet.


Positioning your data analytics team for success

Gary Cao

Former VP of Enterprise Data and Analytics, Akron Children's Hospital

We talk to Gary about how you can position your data team for success and the strategic value of a strong analytics team.

The cutting edge of prescribing and clinical decision support

Dr. Clement Goehrs

CEO, Synapse Medicine

We talk with Dr. Clement Goehrs about the current state of clinical decision support, AI and his journey building Synapse Medicine. 


Upskilling the healthcare workforce for AI & Digitalized care

Tom Lawry

Managing Director, Second Century Tech LLC

Tom Lawry is the author of AI in Health: A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Health Systems. Tom has first-hand experience and research and experience to speak to the processes and skills needed to thrive in this new era of AI.

Rob Bart

The data clinicians need now

Rob Bart, MD

CMIO, Health Services UPMC

Dr. Rob Bart (Chief Medical Information Officer, UPMC) joins Redox’s George McLaughlin (Director of Solutions Marketing, Redox) and Jeff Englander (Healthcare Strategist, Healthcare Strategy Bullpen) to share his expertise on which data is most pertinent for clinicians when it comes to providing quality patient care, and how to make the increased availability of health data truly usable for all end-users.


HSBC Innovation Banking 1H 2023 Venture Healthcare Report

Chris Moniz

Managing Director, HSBC Innovation Banking

Jeff Englander (Healthcare Strategist) and Redox’s Sarah Bottjen (Director of Sales Enablement) delve into these topics in an interview with HSBC Innovation Banking’s Chris Moniz. 

The 12 Plagues of AI in Healthcare

Dr. Stephane Doyen

Managing Director, HSBC Innovation Banking

Dr. Stephane Doyen, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Omniscient Neurotechnology. As a trailblazing innovator and entrepreneur, Dr. Doyen has revolutionized personalized patient care by harnessing AI to create groundbreaking brain-mapping algorithms.

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