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Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

"We bridge the disconnect between healthcare & technology"

What We Offer

Applying Healthtech to Manage Chronic Conditions

Managing Practical and Technological Issues of SDOH

Applying digital healthcare technologies to the management of high-cost and  chronic conditions.

Gauging and managing the practical, cultural and  technological issues creating barriers in addressing the social determinants  of health (SDOH).

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Featuring live insights from healthcare tech experts and delivering the most up-to-date healthcare news directly to you.

Keith S. Sherin

Special Advisor, Brighton Park Capital

“Your expertise with the constantly changing rules around the Affordable Care Act has provided our customers with the critical information that they need to consider going forward."

Jeremy Dials

Sales Engineer, ExxonMobil

"I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for more than 6 years and knew him to be one of the most strategic, diligent and thoughtful leaders within GE Capital. Within Healthcare, he analyzed market trends & regulatory changes and effectively collaborated with internal and external teams to deliver his analysis, thoroughly. ...Also, Jeff's commitment & dedication is undeniable and irrefutable. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to know Jeff."

Richard Aldrich

Strategic Marketing & Research Leader at Antares Capital LP

"Jeff has been a key member of GEs Industry Research team, widely sought for his expertise both internally across GE Capitals P&Ls, and by CEOs and CFOs externally. His insights and guidance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in particular have been critically valuable to GE Capitals middle market customers... . Jeff has also been a fountain of innovative healthcare product/services ideas for GE."
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