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Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

"We bridge the disconnect between healthcare & technology"

What We Offer

Applying Healthtech to Manage Chronic Conditions

Managing Practical and Technological Issues of SDOH

Applying digital healthcare technologies to the management of high-cost and  chronic conditions.

Gauging and managing the practical, cultural and  technological issues creating barriers in addressing the social determinants  of health (SDOH).

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Featuring live insights from healthcare tech experts and delivering the most up-to-date healthcare news directly to you.

Christian Haberman
Cofounder and CMO, MayaMD

“Jeff’s knowledge of healthcare and the complex dynamics and intricacies of it are tremendous. His insight and recommendations are sound and quite impressive because he has many years of experience working in the healthcare industry from a few different perspectives, which provide him with a depth of knowledge few have. If you’re a health-tech startup or healthcare executive, I highly recommend you spend some time with him.”

Eric Howie
CEO, Life Detection Technologies

“The insights provided by
the HSB team were succinct,
included the latest available information
and have helped to
put us on a path to success.
I couldn't ask for more.”
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