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Accompanying our 02/14/24 Webcast Presentation

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Defining and Delivering Value-Based Care

Our 12/7/23 Presentation to the Wagner Health Network

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Replacing lost heads in beds: what value holds in 2023

Featuring: Ed Marx

  • CEO, Marx Advisory

  • Former CIO, Cleveland Clinic

  • Former CIO, THSA

Hospitals make money when there are heads in bed. But all this care is flowing out of hospitals as it’s being made accessible at home via remote monitoring. That’s great– but what are you going to do to replace this lost revenue?

Hear fresh ideas from market leaders on:

  • ways your organization can make money now

  • how to continue to drive revenue as care moves from the hospital to home

  • the tension between improving margins and improving revenue

How to use virtual nursing to improve care and reduce clinician burnout

Featuring: Gemma E. Lowery, MBA, CATC
CVH Technology Manager of Digital Solutions

As a virtual care veteran, Gemma has developed concrete strategies that have delivered real benefits for both clinicians and patients.

In this conversation, you will learn how virtual care can:

  • Increase patient access to care, reaching those in remote or underserved areas.

  • Deliver cost-effective care through technology, benefiting both patients and healthcare systems.

  • Enhance care coordination and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

  • Reduce clinician burnout by streamlining processes and addressing workload challenges.


How AI and Cloud are transforming healthcare

Featuring: Dr. David Rhew, MD
Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare Microsoft

The recent developments with AI technology have inspired everyone to think about how work and healthcare as a whole will change. That change comes at a time when healthcare institutions are only beginning to embrace cloud computing and the transformation it enables. And of course cloud is the prerequisite for AI and other transformative technologies.
But how can CIOs embrace the innovation unlocked by the cloud? Is there promise in AI beyond the hype?

Measuring and delivering value in health tech 

Jeff Englander dives deep into how health tech buyers think about value (hint: it’s not just revenue).  Product teams that understand these fundamentals can address pain points and can create real ROI for your buyers.
What you will learn:
  • What to measure as ROI
  • Key Metrics to measure and how to measure the ‘unmeasurable’
  • How to identify, test and validate conclusions
  • Connect all of it to reimbursement
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Healthcare’s sectors:
Understanding the unique
economic and regulatory drivers

This time Jeff is breaking down the larger industry into its sectors based on the cycles that impact how those sectors buy products and services. 

Jeff will cover: 

  • how to segment the healthcare industry,

  • how to identify the end markets,

  • the key economic drivers for each sector,

  • key regulatory differences for each sector.

The Medicare Advantage
opportunity for healthcare tech

This time it’s a strategic approach for getting traction with Medicare Advantage providers.

Join us to learn:

  • The fundamentals of Medicare Advantage and where it is going

  • The Medicare Advantage reimbursement process that drives provider product and service adoption

  • The key metrics your product can influence to deliver provider ROI


Digital health after the fall: Integrating technology and clinical protocol

Featuring: Dr. Joseph C Kvedar, MD Harvard Medical School

  • Immediate past chair of the Board American Telemedicine Association.

  • American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Editor-in-chief, npj Digital Medicine

  • Senior Advisor, Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare, Mass General Hospital

Jeff and Dr. Kvedar discuss how tech adoption is changing in healthcare. This conversation will focus on:

  • Supporting technology plays with clinical protocol

  • Why SaaS subscriptions may need to move to risk sharing models

  • The road to true virtual-first primary care

  • New in 2022: reimbursement rates, payment parity, originating site, and coverage of audio only

10 rules of the provider sales process

This talk is for product and sales teams who want to improve the success of their sales conversations.

What you will learn

  • The questions product teams need to answer to enable their sales teams to be successful.

  • The essential needs on the provider side that every sales and marketing executive should know before the first meeting.

  • The why behind these needs and how to follow industry changes to adapt your positioning.


Filing provider need with
value-based care strategy

This talk dives deep into provider’s shift to shared savings and how that transition is behind where we expected to be by today. Understanding this shift and how your product can help means you can address pain points and can create real ROI for your buyers.

What you will learn:

  • How product teams can improve patient engagement and reduce network leakage to drive care management and revenue potential.

  • The acute functional needs providers have that products can help them move forward with value-based care

  • The data that products can provide to help providers meet their reporting requirements

Data Security for Healthcare Products

Jeff Englander, Principal at Healthcare Strategy Bullpen, will guide you through the following:

  • HIPAA for healthcare products: Strategic fundamentals

  • BAAs: The HIPAA-essential contract every health product must master

  • Creating product advantage by addressing consumer privacy rights in healthcare

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Gelman Headshot.jpg

Using Analytics to Understand and Engage Patients as You Work To Bring Them Back

Featuring: Jessica Gelman, CEO of Kraft Analytics Group (KAGR)

KAGR's mission is to use their years of expertise, to power clients across the major U.S sports leagues, college athletics, and entertainment industry.
Jessica will talk about the parallels of using analytics both in sports and healthcare fields where organizations were historically slower to embrace data management and analytics. She will illustrate how to:

  • Get organizations to embrace and apply analytics more effectively

  • ​Achieve buy-in and overcome organizational resistance/inertia

  • Distinguish between the three types of analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive and demonstrate why putting analytics into action is most important.

Transforming the digital health experience to build consumer engagement, loyalty, and brand.

Featuring: Ingrid Lindberg

  • Co-Founder, aubreyAsks & CXO of Chief Customer

  • Former Chief Experience Officer at Prime Therapeutics and Cigna.

With more than 20 years of working with Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries (Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Retail, Telco), Ingrid broke ground in this discipline becoming the first-ever CXO, and as such her name is synonymous with the practice of customer experience.

As a global keynote speaker, author, and founder of consulting firm Chief Customer, Ingrid has delivered her talks to thousands of executives and practitioners around the world; from Singapore to Spain, Lisbon to London, and at hundreds of other worldwide leadership summits and conferences.


Building out the “intentional use case” for digital health amidst uncertainty in a post-COVID world.

Clarence Williams MHA, MBA is the Director of Telehealth at Children’s National Health System and responsible for leading the growth and operations of virtual care throughout the system. His work includes identifying priority programs; leading the assessment of new programs; implementing new programs; and guiding successful programs for long-term sustainability. 

Prior to joining CNHS Clarence worked for Mercy Health Network and the Department of Veteran Affairs where he spent several years building and sustaining digital health programs and held other mainstream health care operations positions.

Featuring: Clarence Williams, MHA, MBA Director of Telehealth, Children’s National Health System

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