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Separating transformative tech from marketing hype

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Jeff Englander

Founder & Principal of Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

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Trip Hofer

Data Interoperability Now:

Why Healthcare Can't Afford to Wait

CEO, Redox

Venture Partner, .406 Ventures

In this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Jeff Englander sits down with Trip Hofer, CEO of Redox and Venture Partner at .406 Ventures, to talk about the importance of data interoperability and why it’s so crucial to the future of healthcare. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The importance of data exchange in containing costs, improving patient care, and enabling value-based care 

  • Specific healthcare data challenges, including prior authorization and the integration of AI and machine learning applications into healthcare workflows  

  • Why having high-quality healthcare data is a prerequisite for AI applications and predictive analytics

  • The growing concern around data security in healthcare and its potential impact on innovation


Reinforcing Your AI Strategy with Data Governance


Mike Sanky

Global Industry Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences,


On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Mike Sanky, Global Industry Lead of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Databricks, joins us to discuss:

  • The role of data governance in establishing and maintaining trust with patients and clinicians.

  • How to proactively address risks and navigate the complexity of the regulatory landscape in AI implementation.

  • Common mistakes teams can make in securing AI usage and deployment throughout the data lifecycle.

  • The crucial components to keep in mind when building a data governance framework. 

  • The unique barriers to democratizing data in healthcare.

Tony Clapsis

Board Member and Advisor, Former President

Clinical Trial Services, CVS Health

Challenges and Opportunities in Expanding Access and Equity in Clinical Trials

On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Tony Clapsis, current Board Member/Advisor and former President Clinical Trial Services: Senior Vice President at CVS, joins us for this very necessary and timely discussion. 



Healthcare Cybersecurity Post-hack: What can you do to ensure you’re not the next victim

Scott Giordano

Giordano AI Law, Principal

Scott Giordano, Principal at Giordano AI Law and Former VP, Corporate Privacy and General Counsel at Spirion joins us to talk about practical, real-world steps you can take to protect yourself and your data now including deploying multi-factor authentication; ensuring that all software patches are installed and up-to-date; as well as other steps firms can and should be taking to protect themselves.

Ben Reigle

CEO and Co-Founder, Tarpon Health

The Systemic Impact of Ransomware on the Revenue Cycle and Cash Flows

On this episode, Ben Reigle, CEO of Tarpon Health and the host of the “My Good Friends” podcast, joins us. Ben is a 20-year veteran of the Revenue Cycle Management industry and will share his thoughts on the recent ransomware attack, its ripple effect through the industry, and how the current situation may resolve.



Jennifer Magaziner

VP Digital Health, Boston Children's Hospital

Digital Transformation: The People Side of Change

Scott Wadland

Sr. Manager, Digital Health, Boston Children's Hospital

Jennifer Magaziner, VP of Digital Health, and Scott Wadland, Sr. Manager Digital Health, at Boston’s Children’s Hospital joined Diagnosing Healthtech to talk the people side of digital transformation.

Listen to hear Jennifer and Scott talk about:

  • changes at the portfolio level to prepare your organization for digital transformation;

  • identifying when changes introduce new work or just change existing processes for staff, and

  • building a discipline for new product launches and change readiness.


Kirsten Axelsen

Senior Policy Advisor DLA Piper,

Visiting Scholar American Enterprise Institute

On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, we talk with Kirsten Axelsen about the role of AI in drug development. Kirsten is a senior policy adviser for DLA and former Vice President of Strategy and New Business Assessment at Pfizer Innovative Health. She has over a 20-year career in biopharma business strategy and public affairs and focused on biopharma reimbursement and health policy.

You will learn:

  • Practical near-term applications of AI in drug discovery

  • How biopharma can benefit from AI’s ability to rapidly process large volumes of clinical data and trial databases.

  • Legislative and regulatory policies necessary to support the use of AI in the pharma discovery process.

AI Applications in Drug Discovery


Medicare's Spending Slowdown and Future Outlook

Sherry Glied

Dean of the Wagner School of Public Policy, NYU

In this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, join us with Sherry Glied, the Dean of the Wagner School of Public Policy at New York University and former Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services as we look at the future direction for Medicare spending.


Marty Momdjian

Healthcare Solutions Advisor,

CDW Healthcare

We’re joined by Healthcare Advisor Marty Momdjian, who has guided healthcare systems through Ransomware events, network breaches, and dealing with threat actors to Healthcare IT systems. Marty shares his expertise on how organizations can balance data accessibility and security, proactively stay up-to-date on the most current threats, and ensure they’ll always have the capabilities for uninterrupted patient care.

Cybersecurity, Planning & Disaster Recovery in Healthcare


Themes and Takeaways from JPM Healthcare 2024

Ryan Halsted

Managing Director, Gilmartin Group

In this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, we break down the 2024 J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference with Ryan Halsted, former healthcare services analyst and current corporate advisor to private and public equity investors.

Themes include:

  • VC, P/E funding and IPOs

  • AI in healthcare and infiltration of big tech

  • The pressure on Medicare advantage

  • Potential regulation in pharmacy benefit management

The Impact of Medicaid Redetermination Wave


Andrea Maresca, MPH

Senior Director, Federal Insights, Health Management Associates

On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Andrea talks with us about how the process is tracking, where federal energy is focused, and the impact to Medicaid patients across the country.

20 years of Medicare Advantage with MA author Tom Scully 


Tom Scully

General Partner, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

While head of the CMS in 2001, Tom Scully led the development of the bill that established Medicare Advantage. The program covers more than 50% of the Medicare population and has had a massive impact on how care is measured, delivered, and paid for across the entire industry.

On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, Tom Scully talks about 20 years of Medicare Advantage and where the program is headed.

The Digital Front Door: Obstacles, strategies, and better patient access 

Dr. Namrata Rastogi

Board Member, Palantir Technologies

Board Advisor,

This tech-focused strategy has indisputably leveled-up healthcare beyond what was even once imaginable, but some patients are still falling through the cracks.

Dr. Namrata Rastogi, author of Healthcare’s new frontier: the digital front door, shares her perspective on how to identify who’s still being excluded from modern digital healthcare and how to improve their patient navigation journey. 


Achieving inclusive real-world data and enabling access to care


Susan Winckler, RPh, Esq.

CEO, Reagan-Udall Foundation

Carla Rodriguez-Watson, PhD, MPH

Director of Research , Reagan-Udall Foundation

How can we achieve complete and representative data to better serve all populations? We hear from two experts from Regan-Udall Foundation about:

  • The importance of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) when screening for care delivery and clinical trials

  • How to reduce barriers to assessing SDOH through development of new treatments and novel therapeutics

  • How healthcare leaders can partner with communities to collect the best data and advance access to quality care.

The Shift to transformative value-based care and how to gain patient trust


Kenny Cole

System VP, Clinical Improvement, Ochsner Health System

We get Dr. Cole's perspective on how health systems can work to improve outcomes and gain patient trust by enabling higher levels of patient engagement, balancing the human and digital connection, and optimizing transformative vs. incremental initiatives in value-based care.


Reaching underserved populations through virtual care

Steve North, MD, MPH, FAAFP

V.P. of Medical Operations & NC Medical Director, Eleanor 

We’ll chat about his success in using cutting edge technology and practice change strategies to improve access to healthcare in rural America, as well as how to overcome barriers to make digital health solutions even more successful.

Former Secretary of Veteran Affairs on treatment and cost containment for chronic conditions

David Shulkin

President Shulkin Solutions, LLC;

Former US Secretary of Veteran Affairs

We’ll also discuss healthcare cost containment, the role of virtual care, and the complexities behind the VA’s recent EHR modernization.

Shawna Oliver

Aligning Wellness, mental health benefits & corporate values

Shawna Oliver, DBA

AVP, Head of Global Benefits & Wellness, Manulife

We talk to Shawna about pent up healthcare spending from COVID deferral, the cost of new obesity drugs, and World Mental Health Day.

John Halamka

How Mayo Clinic is using AI today

John Halamka

President, Mayo Clinic Platform

In this interview, you will hear about Halamka’s AI program and the critical components behind it. This episode of Diagnosing Healthtech is our deepest dive into the practical use of AI yet.


Positioning your data analytics team for success

Gary Cao

Former VP of Enterprise Data and Analytics, Akron Children's Hospital

We talk to Gary about how you can position your data team for success and the strategic value of a strong analytics team.

The cutting edge of prescribing and clinical decision support

Dr. Clement Goehrs

CEO, Synapse Medicine

We talk with Dr. Clement Goehrs about the current state of clinical decision support, AI and his journey building Synapse Medicine. 


Upskilling the healthcare workforce for AI & Digitalized care

Tom Lawry

Managing Director, Second Century Tech LLC

Tom Lawry is the author of AI in Health: A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Health Systems. Tom has first-hand experience and research and experience to speak to the processes and skills needed to thrive in this new era of AI.

Rob Bart

The data clinicians need now

Rob Bart, MD

CMIO, Health Services UPMC

Dr. Rob Bart (Chief Medical Information Officer, UPMC) joins Redox’s George McLaughlin (Director of Solutions Marketing, Redox) and Jeff Englander (Healthcare Strategist, Healthcare Strategy Bullpen) to share his expertise on which data is most pertinent for clinicians when it comes to providing quality patient care, and how to make the increased availability of health data truly usable for all end-users.


HSBC Innovation Banking 1H 2023 Venture Healthcare Report

Chris Moniz

Managing Director, HSBC Innovation Banking

Jeff Englander (Healthcare Strategist) and Redox’s Sarah Bottjen (Director of Sales Enablement) delve into these topics in an interview with HSBC Innovation Banking’s Chris Moniz. 

The 12 Plagues of AI in Healthcare

Dr. Stephane Doyen

Managing Director, HSBC Innovation Banking

Dr. Stephane Doyen, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Omniscient Neurotechnology. As a trailblazing innovator and entrepreneur, Dr. Doyen has revolutionized personalized patient care by harnessing AI to create groundbreaking brain-mapping algorithms.

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