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Go-To-Market Strategy

Insight: Competitive Positioning

  • Analysis of target market, TAM, selection of target customers and competitive market potential

  • Evaluation of reimbursement trends, reimbursement outlook and selection of appropriate go-to-market strategy

  • Analysis of pricing strategies, alignment of pricing with reimbursement, and secular/regulatory trends

Industry/Sub-Sector Deep Dive

Insight: Market Intelligence

  • Examination of economic, cyclical/secular, reimbursement and legislative drivers impacting industry or sub-sector

  • Market definition, sizing and growth rates, assessment of sustainability and review emerging threats/opportunities

  • Market revenue and CAGR outlook, segment breakdown and identification of preferred sectors/sub-sectors

Analysis of Strategic Opportunities

Insight: Strategic Innovation

  • Market analysis and segmentation, market trends and growth rate assessment, competitive positioning analysis

  • Profiling, benchmarking and SWOT review of existing competitors and new entrants.

  • Calculation of addressable market opportunity, market penetration plan and value of market expansion

Design of New Digital Health Solutions

Insight: Product Alignment/Transformation

  • Analysis of core competencies and strategic customers, assessment of unmet need(s) and design of pilot project

  • Layout of product blueprint, selection of test market, implementation timeline and testing of revenue models

  • Specification and measurement of validation parameters and identification of potential partners

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