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Our Founder's Healthcare Story

We bridge the gap between digital health companies and digital health consumers, like Employer plans, managed care, Medicare and Medicaid to ensure better patient experience, outcomes, and cost containment.

My healthcare journey began when my Dad was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). My Uncle Bob had been diagnosed with CHF a few years earlier but had the benefit of 24/7 nursing care in my Aunt Edith, a former head nurse.


I was witnessing two vastly different models of care delivery, in essence, what we now call case management. I saw firsthand the impact of two radically different approaches with radically different outcomes. I watched Dad struggle, slowly get worse, and pass away before Uncle Bob.

That is why I embarked on this journey. After living and watching how different models of care can improve quality and outcomes, I see the potential to make the system work better through the application of digital technologies.

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