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Scouting Report-Legacy: Addressing the Male Side of Fertility Treatment

The Driver:

Legacy, also known as Give Legacy, recently raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from FirstMark Capital, Section 32, TQ Ventures, and Valor Equity Partners. The company plans to use the new funding to expand its team, and scale its offerings beyond sperm testing, freezing and fertility supportprovide as well as launch the Legacy lab that will provide same-day, at-home service to customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Cleveland Clinic, infertility affects one in every six couples who are trying to conceive.

  • The average in vitro fertilization (IVF) patient goes through two cycles, which can cost between $40K-$60K in total for treatment including procedures and medications, according to SingleCare.

  • In the United States, about 10% of all males attempting to conceive suffer from infertility.

  • According to Johns Hopkins Medicine problems with male sperm can include: immature or abnormally shaped sperm, sperm that are unable to swim or insufficient or non-existent sperm production.

The Story:

Legacy is a fe

rtility startup that was founded back in 2018 by CEO and founder Khaled Kteily, a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society. His goal was to make the experience of dealing with infertility more humane by eliminating the pain points by increasing access to sperm analysis, DNA fragmentation, and sperm freezing. According to the American Society of Andrology, sperm counts have decreased by over 50% globally in the past 40 years, creating a significant challenge for those looking to start a family. Kteily and the Legacy team are working to change the narrative of nfertilety and empower men to take ownership of their role in the family planning process.

Legacy offers three different packages ranging from $195 for a one-time semen analysis all the way to $3,995 for 3 semen analyses, 2 DNA fragmentation analysis, lifetime cryogenic storage, and 3 free telehealth calls with their fertility nurses. According to the company, Legacy’s services are covered for approximately 8M lives through partnerships with all of the leading fertility benefits providers and an additional 12M lives through insurance contracts in California, New York, and New Jersey with insurers like Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. Legacy is also in partnership with organizations like the Navy SEALs and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

The Differentiators:

One of the main differentiators is that, unlike most fertility clinics, Legacy focuses strictly on male fertility in reproductive services and is working towards providing comprehensive male fertility services. Some notable competitors in the reproductive industry are direct-to-consumer virtual care company Ro, hybrid fertility company Kindbody, and fertility testing startup Proov.

One particularly attractive thing about Legacy’s service is that customers can use the sperm testing kit and schedule for pickup from the comfort and privacy of their home. Once the company receives and analyzes the sample, the company generates a report from the analysis highlighting lifestyle recommendations. Following the analysis, patients have the option to set up a telehealth appointment with Legacy physicians to discuss the results. Legacy also plans to launch Legacy Labs, which will provide same-day, at-home service to customers, helping the company to offer some of the most comprehensive solutions in the fertility field.

The Big Picture:

While fertility issues are often seen as a woman’s issue and female fertility startups have raised significant venture funding, male fertility issues need to be addressed as well.. The United States is the only country that investigates the egg-producing partner first when a family is facing infertility. Male fertility complications are easier and cheaper to diagnose and treat with something as simple as lifestyle changes.

Legacy, through its digital clinic, is working towards improving access to fertility testing, sperm storage and male fertility information for those who are planning to start a family. This solution provides a virtual option that enables people from across the United States to access fertility resources tailored for the male populace. The unique male-centered approach to treating infertility could change how providers engage in family planning. If successful, Legacy could improve access to fertility options and reduce infertility rates among men. Moreover, a solution such as Legacy’s could help reduce healthcare costs for couples seeking fertility treatments. Attempting to conceive can be a difficult and emotionally taxing process for both parties involved. By reducing stress and eliminating administrative hurdles Legacy can help make the process simpler and easier. As noted by CEO Kteily, “our goal is to eliminate the pain points involved, make the experience human rather than clinical, and help everyone create the families they want when they want.”


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