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Scouting Report-Top 10 Posts for 2021

Ciitizen Acquired By Invitae: Empowering Patients To Take Charge of Their Care

Services like Ciitizen’s can centralize a patients' complete medical history and improve a practitioner’s ability to view a patient holistically, hopefully resulting in improved diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

TytoCare Remote Medical Examination Device Maker Raises $50M

TytoCare is hoping to change the way people perceive healthcare to one focused on wellness and preventive care all the while taking advantage of the shift in the way people acquire healthcare as a result of COVID.

Oxygen: AI-Based, End-to-End, Virtual-First Primary Care

“Virtual-first” will …allow EHRs and other systems to incorporate the appropriate data and analytics so they can be analyzed and applied within clinical practice and workflows.

Caresyntax: AI-Based, Real-World Evidence to Improve Surgical Outcomes & Reduce Risk

Caresyntax’s technology allows hospitals to better optimize the use of the surgical suite and help them “achieve increased workflow efficiency, patient safety, and surgical performance.”

Wheel: Moving Virtual Primary Care Forward

[Wheel] is also helping non-traditional players like retailers, pharmacies, and employee benefit programs create their own virtual care programs under their own brand.

Redox Raises $45M in Series D to Grow Data Integration Platform

Redox’s cloud-based platform simplifies integration and scaling for software developers looking to build applications for healthcare providers.

DexCare Software for Same Day Care Coordination & Management Raises $20M

DexCare, an AI-powered platform that manages and schedules patient care, promises to support the increased patients’ consumption for healthcare to match the novel demand for ambulatory and telehealth services simultaneously.

Caremerge: Improving Collaboration & Care in Senior Living w/Clinical Engagement Software

Caremerge helps healthcare providers improve accuracy in data collecting, develop a better longitudinal care record and ensure better care delivery and diagnostics.

Clearing: Addressing Non-Addictive Pain Management

[Clearing’s solution] should reduce barriers in accessing pain management treatment plans for people of color and women and result in improved care at lower costs.

Bastion Health: A Reproductive and Prostate Care App for Men

By creating a safe space for men to get discreet reproductive healthcare services, Bastion Health helps address men’s ability to monitor their health and hesitancy in seeking healthcare.


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